la mélée tableau de Marine Assoumov peintre du rugby
Paintings and drawings on Rugby by Marine ASSOUMOV

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Hello and welcome to my website devoted to Rugby!

I have created hundreds of collages, drawings and paintings of rugby players, in all sizes : close-ups of faces, players in the scrum, surges of bodies during the line-out, the race to score a try… I love to depict this hurly-burly of legs, buttocks and shoulders and these powerful movements and gestures which sometimes bewilder the spectator.
A painter and collagist, I work in series on topics which inspire me. It was in 1995, when commissioned to do a fresco for a town in south west France, that I began working on rugby players. I already enjoyed the wonderful spectacle of the matches, and this subject, bursting with colour, movement and gaiety, turned out to be an extremely rich source of forms and compositions…
I wished to evoke in my painting the huge brawny bodies of the players. I endeavoured to convey the extraordinary presence of these bodies and their dynamic, coloured expressiveness. Little by little, I went deeper into this sport, interiorising the very diverse phases of the game and the very special physique of the players to the point where I created my own personal and original pictorial world of Rugby.
I would like to share my passion and show my giants to the lovers of this sport. I hope you will appreciate this intimate pictorial journey into my world of Rugby.

Marine Assoumov






Le joueur de rugby, peinture sur toile de Marine Assoumov


la mêlée des complémentaires : peinture de rugby, huile sur toile, 150x50 cm, Marine Assoumov 1995